API Management


API Management (Fiorano)


Fiorano API Management provides deep integration capabilities to enterprises to build APIs on top of existing applications, offering a range of capabilities including protocol transformation, mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), standards-based access management, version management, API rate limiting, and metering (analytics). Fiorano transforms backend and third-party web services into easily consumable APIs, governed by self-service policies.
Available both as an on-premise platform and as a cloud service, Fiorano API Management also provides contextual analysis and visibility into API initiatives and associated digital assets to help drive developer and user engagement.


API Management Server

  • A central repository to create and access API projects
  • Hosts the API dashboard and incorporates an analytics engine
  • Manages access control, clients and their subscriptions

API Gateway Server

  • Acts as a proxy server for backend REST/SOAP-based web services
  • Receives client requests, performs authentication, traffic control, caching, load balancing, quota management and more

API Dashboard

  • Hosted on the Management Server, creates API projects with zero coding
  • Defines various API products, developer/Subscription roles
  • Analyses API trends and investigate spikes with analytics

Developer Portal

Allows enterprises to publish and socialize their APIs Includes support for self-sign up of developers and viewing API documentation related to various public and protected APIs